Drew doughty

S7 E4 – Can You Replace Leadership With Price, Weber, or Doughty gone?

In this Episode, we talk Leadership’s importance in the NHL from LA Kings’ Doughty injury to all the experience gone from last years Montreal Canadiens. We go hat crazy with Elias Lindholm, Lucas Raymond, and Tyler Bertuzzi. As well chat about how well Ilya Sorokin is playing and delve deep into the Habs on this…

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R98 – E8 – Leafs minute 4 – Doughty Defence Sleeping

Peter Aka @Russian98 talks about Drew Doughty’s Leafs comments. Why Toronto media keeps asking other players about what the Leafs need to do to be a Champion. How the Leafs have played recently, and who could be waved or moved. Also another Marlies update. This was a spin-off temporary series of episodes for the 2019-2020…

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R98 – E3 – Tkachuk vs Doughty Round 7

Peter aka @russian98 talks about Tkachuk Vs Doughty, Helm Vs Lindholm. He also gets into Trending topics from the Devils new Hischier contract, Zucker’s comments on the Wild situation, and LA Kings Zykov’s suspension. This was a spin-off temporary series of episodes for the 2019-2020 season. It’s where Peter @Russian98 just goes on his ideas and rants…

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