S02 E60 – Laine Rumours

In this episode, Paul @Zwambag and Peter @Russian98 talk about who should and shouldn’t have made the All-Star rosters. Make sure you listen in we have some new NHL Trade Rumours. In Team Iso we talk Patrik Laine and the Winnipeg Jets. Team Iso: Winnipeg Jets With special guest Sammi Silber from Jets Nation. We…

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S01 E33 – The Keith St.Louis Blackhawks

In this episode, Peter @Russian98 and Paul @Zwambad give you our opinion on the Duncan Keith suspension, tell you why the Penguins are the hottest team in the NHL right now and give you a Jablam Junior Playoff Hockey Update. As well TEAM ISO: Chicago Blackhawks and St. Louis Blues and Compare them as they look to play each in the first round of the NHL Playoffs.

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