S05 E02: “Isolated Friends” 2 : TV Operation Floater and Graphic Design

In this episode, we continue with the “Isolated Friends” Series. In this episode, Peter @Russian98 interviews Matty Weeks and Niilo Autio. Weeks is a TV Operations Floater, he describes in detail what that entails. He is also a Maple Leafs fan and a member of the “Browns Backers” club. Autio is a Senior Graphic Designer, who dabbles in EDM composing and blogging about unique beers. He is also a Boston Bruins fan. For “Trending Now” Peter is joined by Logan Proskurniak to talk about the new NHL 24 team playoff format and hub city potentials.

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S05 E01: “Isolated Friends” 1 – EVS Operator and Game Design

In our “Isolated Friends” Series, Peter Bojarinov introduces you to Logan Proskurniak and Joey Lapegna.

Logan Proskurniak is an EVS Operator in Television, who has worked for Sportsnet, the Pan Am games, and MLSE; he is also a huge Edmonton Oilers fan.

Joey Lapegna is a Master Game Designer who has made Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Star Trek games, has also made short films and seen NHL action all through the States.

They talk about working during the Pandemic, about their careers, and of course hockey.

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R98 – E1 – Rage Twerking Avalanche

In our inaugural episode of “Russian98 on Hockey” Peter aka @russian98 talks about the twerking in Boston, who’s on the hot seat, which teams are hot out the gate, and which of them will keep climbing or drop. Also, find out what the rage room is all about. This was a spin-off temporary series of…

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S02 E64 – Pastrnak New Coaches

Peter @Russian98 and Paul @Zwambag this week congratulate Sidney Crosby on a huge milestone. How bright David Pastrnak’s future is in our Team ISO this week. We talk about the new coaches and how they’ve turned their teams around. The boys also discuss the newest suspensions handed out by the NHL. TEAM ISO: Boston Bruins…

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S01 E32 – The Yakupov Bay Bruins

In this episode, Peter @Russian98 and Paul @Zwambag talk about the some of the Masterton Nominees, Yakapov trade rumours and have some Fantasy Up and Down tips. We also Team Iso: Tampa Bay Lightning and Boston Bruins while doing so tell you who we think would win a playoff series between the two and breakdown teams with goaltender situations. 

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