2021 NHL playoffs

S6 E22 – 2021 NHL Playoffs Preview, Eichel Canadiens

In this episode we preview the 2021 NHL Playoffs and make our picks as to who will win each playoff division. We Unload the Jack Eichel news on Sabres Media day. Also We breakdown the Montreal Canadiens, how they look versus their playoff opponent the Toronto Maple Leafs, update on their injuries and what how…

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S6 E21 – Pre Pre Preview 2021 NHL playoffs, Tom Wilson Fiasco and the Hawks and Flyers future

In this episode we preview the NHL playoffs, and give our predictions as to who will make it out of each division. We cover NHL’s decision on the Tom Wilson Fiasco. Guests help brake down both the Chicago Blackhawks and Philadelphia Flyers, who could be taken by the Seattle Kraken, their seasons, and future. Guests: Tyler Kasch…

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