Series: Season 5

S05 E08 – All Kings Draft Lottery

In this episode Peter Bojarinov @Russian98 has a full LA Kings Draft Lottery and Prospect show for you; he invites Dennis Bernstein, Jesse Cohen, and Julian Mongillo to talk how the Lottery went, who the Kings might draft, what prospects are ready and how the future for Los Angeles looks.

Dennis Bernstein is a Sports Media Executive, and LA Kings sports reporter. You can find him at his podcast “Kings of the Pod”, his website The Fourth and his show on Sirius XM “The Hot Stove.

Jesse Cohen is an official Podcaster for the LA Kings “All The Kings Men”.
Julian Mongillo an LA Kings Writer and Scout for Dobber Prospects.

For “Trending Now” Logan @Hogey99 and Peter talk NHL records that would be hard to break.

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S05 E07 – NHL Draft Lottery Habs?

In this episode Peter @Russian invites Ian Boivert to do a full show.
NHL Draft Lottery, Covid-19 – How players and league is looking during this time, and Hub Cities.

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S05 E06 – “Isolated Friends” 6 – Camera Operator and Lighting Director

In this episode Peter @Russian98 and Logan @Hogey99 talk about the potential Hub Cities for the 24 Team NHL Playoffs and a Seattle NHL team update. Guests on this episode are Giulia Di Giovanni and Eric Morrison. Giulia is a Camera Operator and College Professor, she tells you about her career, talk playing hockey for the Brampton Canadettes and cheering on the Maple Leafs. Eric is a passionate Lighting professional who will tell you all about how he developed his career, and working for Hockey Night in Canada’s “Hometown Hockey”

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S05 E05 – “Isolated Friends” 5 – IT Analyst and EVS Editor

In this episode; Peter @Russian98 interviews Anthony McAllister he is an (IT Analyst ) at Rogers and is a big Senators fan; and Justin Newell, he is an EVS Operator whos worked in sports television for years, who has also covered Winnipeg Jets games. For “Trending Now” Logan @Hogey99 joins us and we talk NHL players getting Covid-19 and Dan Carcillo’s Lawsuit against CHL. Visit our site at

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S05 E04 – “Isolated Friends” 4 – Insurance Broker

In this episode Peter @Russian98 and Logan @Hogey99 give you their NHL 2020 Nominations and Awards, and talk about the new Coyotes President and CEO Xaveir Gutierrez (NHL’s first Latino CEO) and EASportsNHL’s statement on Black Lives Matter. Peter interviews Tom Fontana who is an Insurance Broker, a Sabres fan and has had Covid-19. Visit our site at

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S05 E03 – “Isolated friends” 3 – Television Technical Director

In this episode, Peter @Russian98 interviews Craig Kirk, a TV Switcher, and Production Co-ordinator. Craig has worked for NHL on Rogers, TSN, Sportsnet, and CBC. We talk Craig working in the TV business and his love for hockey having been to many Stanley Cup Finals, Outdoor games, and Penguins/Leafs games being a fan of both. For “Trending Now” Logan @Hogey99 joins peter again and they talk about Racism in Hockey, bringing up Akim Aliu’s story and the playoff structure with the number of games and re-seeding.

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S05 E02: “Isolated Friends” 2 : TV Operation Floater and Graphic Design

In this episode, we continue with the “Isolated Friends” Series. In this episode, Peter @Russian98 interviews Matty Weeks and Niilo Autio. Weeks is a TV Operations Floater, he describes in detail what that entails. He is also a Maple Leafs fan and a member of the “Browns Backers” club. Autio is a Senior Graphic Designer, who dabbles in EDM composing and blogging about unique beers. He is also a Boston Bruins fan. For “Trending Now” Peter is joined by Logan Proskurniak to talk about the new NHL 24 team playoff format and hub city potentials.

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S05 E01: “Isolated Friends” 1 – EVS Operator and Game Design

In our “Isolated Friends” Series, Peter Bojarinov introduces you to Logan Proskurniak and Joey Lapegna.

Logan Proskurniak is an EVS Operator in Television, who has worked for Sportsnet, the Pan Am games, and MLSE; he is also a huge Edmonton Oilers fan.

Joey Lapegna is a Master Game Designer who has made Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Star Trek games, has also made short films and seen NHL action all through the States.

They talk about working during the Pandemic, about their careers, and of course hockey.

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