Series: Season 1

Jablam Sports Hockey is hosted by Peter Bojarinov @Russian98 and in it’s 1st and 2nd season Paul @Zwambag

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In the first 2 season; we’ve talked about Fantasy Hockey, future prospects, and had a segment called “Team ISO” where we specifically analyze one NHL team and have chatted with great team bloggers in doing so.

S01 E45 – The Scheifele Restricted Free Agents

In this episode, Peter @Russian98 and Paul @Zwambag talk about the remaining top Unrestricted Free Agents 2016. The boys go over the top Restricted Free Agents and the ones that are going into arbitration. We also update you on Rookie Development Camps and congratulate some amazing Canadian athletes in other sports. Go listen to last…

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S01 E44 – The Backes Free Agency

In this special NHL Free Agency 2016 Episode, Peter @Russian98, and Paul @Zwambag go over the top 5 names that were taken and out of them which was the best and worst move. We also talk about the new AHL rules and review the rest of the free agency signings. SI’s article on the NHL…

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S01 E43 – The Okposo Off-Ice Happenings

In this off-ice special episode, Peter @Russian98 and Paul @Zwambag go over the top free agents available and how much they could be making. This includes Kyle Okposo the free agent. We review the NHL Awards (better late than never), the new HHOF inductees, and also go over the most recent trades and signings. Check…

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S01 E42 – The Blockbuster Entry Draft

In this special NHL Entry Draft 2016 show, Peter @Russian98 and Paul @Zwambag examine the huge blockbuster trades. From Subban/Weber, Hall/Larsson, and breakdown Stamkos’s new contract with Tampa’s cap dilemma. Article from about the Subban and Weber trade We talk about Matthews and the other top 5 draft picks and Paul gives you his…

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S01 E41 – The Ward Stanley Cup

In this episode, cover the Stanley Cup Finals 2016, which players need to step up, which players already have and who are currently in contention for the Conn Smythe (Playoff MVP). We talk about the NHL Draft Combine 2016 that just finished. Also, we touch base on some players who might be changing teams during…

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S01 E40 – The Kessel Cup Final

In this episode, we talk about how much of a beauty Phil Kessel is in interviews. We recap the 3rd round series and preview the Stanley Cup Final. We also analyze the World Cup 2016 Rosters, which players we thought could have been in and which could have been out, and hand out the final…

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S01 E39 – The Callahan Conference Finals

In this episode, Peter @Russian98 and Paul @Zwambag hand out the halfway playoff point MVP’s and review the 2nd round. The boys preview the 3rd round Conference finals. We also give you the Jablam Junior hockey playoff update and tell you who pounded a beer for the Caps getting kicked out. Find out who had…

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S01 E38 – The Andreychuk Olympics

In this episode, Peter @Russian98 and Paul @Zwambag review the current NHL playoff series. They talk about why there might not be NHL players going to the 2018 Olympics and give you their Jablam Junior Playoff Hockey update. We also Compare: Letang vs. Carlson Article on Defenceman tiers, check out where are Letang and Carlson…

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S01 E37 – The Orpik Lottery Awards

In this episode Paul explains why he doesn’t want Orpik to get a suspension, we review the NHL Draft Lottery and we give you Part 2 of our final season awards. We also compare Dallas vs. St. Louis and go over the other playoff series. Check out our website at Don’t forget to subscribe, share, and listen to our shows.

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S01 E36 – The Holtby Dallas Capitals

In this episode, Peter @Russian98 and Paul @Zwambag give you part one of our Season Awards nominees and winners, and we Team ISO: Dallas Stars and Washington Capitals. Then we review the first round of NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs and then preview and give you our second-round picks, as well as give you our Jablam Junior Playoff hockey Update.

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