NHL Adidas ReverseRetro Jerseys missed the boat

NHL Adidas ReverseRetro Jerseys missed the boat

Not all of the Adidas Reverse Retro’s missed the boat, and theres a few that really knocked it out of the park. I have my list of how these teams could have knocked it out park as well my score for each one. Enjoy everyone!

Pacific Division:

Vegas Golden Knights

@SinBinVegas – Vegas ReverseRetro

While I can’t say too much about a team that’s only been in the league for 3 years, I’ve never been a fan of multi coloured jerseys, 3 max is my rule. For a city with plenty gambling, they sure do like to break the rules. 5/10

From Collectors.com – Las Vegas Wranglers jersey

How they missed the boat: If they are going to pay homage to the Las Vegas Wranglers or Thunder, grab their colours or logo and reverse the rest. I would have taken the Wranglers crest and used the Golden Knights colours, keep the V striping from the Thunder.

Edmonton Oilers:

@NHL – Oilers Reverse Retro

Oilers did a fantastic job here, they went with the classic jersey, some great piping and reversed it but going more white. 8/10

From: wwa.nfldec.xyz/ – Oilers Metorite 3rd jersey

How they missed the boat: They should have gone with the Metorite 3rd jersey and logo, and revsersing it with the current colours making it primarily orange and white.

Vancouver Canucks :

@NHL Canucks Reverse Retro

I actually find these Retro jerseys fine, they could have done more, but it also could have been much worse. I like that they went with the old colour blend look from that Era. 6/10

From: Dailyhive.com – Canucks Jersey History

How they missed the boat: They really missed a chance here to kill the Reverse Retro going with either of the 1978 V or the 1985 Skate jerseys. Either would have been really unique. I grew up watching the Skate and would have loved for them to bring it back. Using the Skate logo and style with the current colours and going even further to use Green as the primary over the blue would have been awesome.

Calgary Flames:

@CalgaryFlames – Flames Reverse Retro jersey

Maybe I’m biased but I’ve always loved Blasty, I have a Huselius original Blasty jersey, and this one is faboulous and did a better job this time around with nicer striping. 8/10

How they missed the boat: Only a few tweaks away from a perfect score. First off they didn’t change up the colours at all other than the bottom of the jersey. Flames should have gone with either a white or yellow primary colour and may be changed up the colour on the trim.

Arizona Coyotes:

@ArizonaCoyotes – Coyotes Reverse Retro jerseys

While many do really enjoy these fresh retros for Arizona, I do not. I like the use of the logo, but I detest the use of the desert trim. There’s just too much going on and again there’s too many colours in play here. 4/10

How they missed the boat: Staying with the original 3rd jersey logo, that would have gone nicely with the current jersey set up and colours. Using that and changing it up with desert sand as a more predominant colour would have been an interesting and original twist.

Anaheim Ducks:

@AnaheimDucks – Ducks Reverse Retro jersey

Maybe its the kid in me, maybe it’s the memories of Disney and the Mighty Ducks movies, but I loved the original jersey and the 3rd jersey they had produced with the so called “Wild Wing”. I love these as well. (minus the odd font style, so close to perfect) 9/10

How they missed the boat: Like I said before change the font style, but as well change up the colours bringing the dark purple as a primary would have been excellent.

LA Kings:

@LAKings – Kings Reverse Retro jersey

Although these look pretty good, I wasn’t a fan of these as I was when they changed the original crown jersey to the black and silver ones. Those are still my favourite Kings jerseys, which Gretzky and Lucky Luc wore. 7/10

www.sportslogos.net – LA Kings 90’s jersey

How they missed the boat: I would have rather they gone with the original Crown, with the Kings black and silver jerseys.

San Jose Sharks:

@SanJoseSharks – Sharks Reverse Retro jersey

I’ll say this, my least favourite colour more so on hockey jerseys is the colour grey. On top of being kind of bland, when sweat gets on them it looks as if they’ve soiled themselves. I love the sleeves, it actually might be about time for the Sharks to make a secondary logo. 6/10

California Seals jersey

How they missed the boat: Although they have a lack of diverse jersey types, colours, and only the single logo in their history, some tweaks could have been made. Going with grey was a unique way to go, but I detest that colour on a jersey. So I would have gone further back and taken the logo and style from the Califonia Seals with the new colours. (Either Seals jerseys would have been great)

Central Division

St.Louis Blues:

@StLouisBlues – Blues Reverse Retro jersey

Going with the jersey from the Hull and Gretzky era was a unique choice, but I’m very much not a fan of having too many colours. Some will like this one, I like the anglying and stripes but the red vs yellow and blue is much. 5/10

From : Ebay.com – St Louis Blues Arch 3rd jersey

How they missed the boat: They should gone off the board with the only jersey with a different logo other than the original one. Mixing up this logo with the current layout design and making yellow the primary colour would give it a bright kick.

Colorado Avalanche:

@ColoradoAvalanche – Avs Reverse Retro jersey

Well the Avalanche really blew everyone away with this one as it’s the consenus number one. The old Nordiques logo is iconic with the use of the current Colorado colours is terrific 10/10.

Colorado Rockies jersey

How they missed the boat: Well the Avalanche didn’t miss the boat, but that won’t stop me from giving you another option. They also could have gone another way and brought back the classic Colorado Rockies hockey jersey or logo. I would have loved the logo, which connects with the state of Colorado using the Avs classic mountain trim and today’s colours would have also been a great reverse jersey.

Dallas Stars:

@StarsHangar – Stars Reverse Retro jersey

I have mixed emotions about this retro jersey. I loved the classic Dallas large Star jersey, reminding me of the Modano, Zubov, Belfour era. It’s missing some colour as the actual large star which is the best part of this classic isn’t as visible. I do enjoy going fairly white though. 7/10

How they missed the boat: I do think they painted themselves in a corner but unvieling the Neon Stars jersey within only weeks apart. It would have been difficult to go more black on this one. Here I would have used a black large star with the white trim.

Nashville Predators:

@NHL – Predators Reverse Retro jersey

Have I said I dislike grey in a hockey jersey yet? They went with a throwback design and the classic shoulder patch in their history. I still believe more could have been done. 6/10.

www.jkjjd.top – Predators classic 3rd jersey

How they missed the boat: It’s been a while since we’ve seen the Pred’s 3rd jersey and logo. I would have gone with this logo and use their current style with white as a primary going more away from how this old 3rd jersey looked.

Winnipeg Jets:

@WinnipegJets – Jets Reverse Retro jersey

We all get the iconic original Winnipeg jets logo and the format style of the jersey, but what no one gets is the colour decision. It looks like it’s trying to be edgy like a bizzaro Superman. 5/10

How they missed the boat: They actually aren’t too far off, just take out the grey and go with their current two types of blue throughout the Retro jersey. Using the lighter (Aviator Blue as the primary) colour would have really changed it up from the original.

Minnesota Wild:

I love the throwback to the old Minnesota North Stars colours, but I’ve never been a fan of the green and yellow together. It works, just not for me. I also love the striping on this jersey. 7/10.

How they missed the boat: I would have taken it another step further and implemented the old North Stars logo if it was possible, or even a bigger twist is to use this original North Stars jersey with the current Wild colours and making red the primary colour.

Chicago Blackhawks:

@BlackhawksStore – Blackhawks Reverse Retro jersey

Many of the classic Chicago jerseys are great, so it’s very difficult for them to fail more so when they are using some of their previous history. I would have liked an additional white stripe along the bottom. 8/10

http://evaluatethatjersey.blogspot.com/ – Blackhawks classic 1935 jersey

How they missed the boat: The jersey here is fine, how I would have gone though would have been to make it different Take the current logo and put it on the classic 1935 jersey while flipping the colours. I loved it when they brought it back for the 2009 Winter Classic, and it would have been interesting.

Metropolitan Division

Washington Capitals:

@Tom_Wilso – Capitals forward Tom Wilson wearing the new Reverse Retro jersey

I don’t know many that dislike the Capitals Reverse Retro jersey, and I know it’s up there on my list. It is also the reverse version of the 1998 Caps jersey which I love and own. I also like the use of red as the primary colour. 9/10

www.gamewornauctions.net/ – Capitals 1997 3rd jersey

How they missed the boat: While the Caps did a terrific job with their Reverse Retro, I’ve got another idea which would be good but maybe not as great. Taking the Capitals 1997 3rd jerswey and used today’s colours making red or white as the primary.

Philadelphia Flyers:

@NHLFlyers – Flyers Reverse Retro jersey

The Flyers have one of the more iconic logos in the NHL and it’s a neat jersey. But we can only do so much with the same variation with the same logo and colours. It might be time to mix it up and get a new secondary logo. 7/10

www.artfire.com – Philadelphia Quakers jersey

How they missed the boat: In 1930 Philadelphia had a professional team called the Quakers, for which they still use the original colours for todays Flyers. Wouldn’t it be cool if they paid homage to them? I think the cool striping would be a great way, for which we haven’t seen ever in a Flyers uniform.

Pittsburgh Penguins:

@Penguins – Penguins Reverse Retro jersey

In my opinion one of the more boring of the Retro jerseys. It works as a throwback as it’s the same from their original and 1992 jerseys, and they have reversed it this time. I would just like more as in my opinion it was the weakest among the history of Pittsburgh jerseys. 5/10

sidelineswap.com – Penguins 1995 3rd jersey

How they missed the boat: I mean it’s right there, the Robo penguin. We all miss it and this would be the perfect time to bring it back. Use the exact jersey just flip the script with the yellow and black. Penguins really missed the boat here.

Carolina Hurricanes:

@DarrenRovell – Hurricanes Reverse Retro jersey

Yes I know many of you dislike Carolina using the Whalers logo and jersey, well too bad. It’s great, its faboulous and technically its still apart of their history. I love everything about this jersey down to the shoulder patch whale. 9/10

thehockeywriters.com/ – Hurricanes 2008 jerseys

How they missed the boat: Well the Canes didn’t miss the boat here, but if some new school hockey fans had it their way they’d move past the Whalers. If so, I’d take the flag jersey and put it to the Whalers colours of green and blue.

New York Islanders:

@NHL – Islanders Reverse Retro jersey

Here is the Islanders home jersey, no wait. This is the Reverse Retro? All kidding aside. You can’t have it both way Isles fans. Either you love GM Lou for everything he does to put structure and a old school work ethic in the organization which comes with blandness, or not. Yeah, it’s basically the same jersey. 3/10

From: Eyes on the Isles. Islanders 1998 Fisherman jersey

How they missed the boat: Ok, here you could go two ways. You bring back the Fisherman jersey and you can go with. A) The Fisherman Logo on the new design and colours and use white as the primary colour. B) Go with the Fisherman jersey with the layout design, using the wave trim on the bottom which is very unique while still using the traditional logo.

Columbus Blue Jackets:

@BlueJacketsNHL – Bluejackets Reverse Retro jersey

It’s a throwback to their original logo, which I don’t think many were fans of. I don’t think they did very poorly with the Blue Jackets jersey here, and I like the use of red. 6/10

From: Icethetics.squarespace.com Blue Jackets 2010 3rd jersey

How they missed the boat: They could have hit a home run with the decision to use the 3rd Cannon jersey with the current colours. I liked the use of the beige and double blue here before others started doing the same. Using this jersey with red and white would have really popped.

New York Rangers:

@NYRangers – Rangers Reverse Retro jersey

I loved the original Liberty jersey, which I of course own. It’s classic in my opinion and should be used more. Even at the time I wondered if it would have been better with a dark background. I’ll say this now, they did well the first time, this version isn’t as good, but it’s still solid. This one needs either more white or a light trim. 7/10

How they missed the boat: I love the Liberty logo, but I also love the traditional NYR shield logo. I even forgot they didn’t use it as a primary logo. Wow. They totally have to bring it back, and I would have done that here. For a reverse feel, I’d make the red the primary colour this time around.

New Jersey Devils:

The Devils went with the classic original New Jersey jersey, but reversed the switched up the two main colours which make it even more festive. I don’t know anyone who dislikes it, but man I still don’t even have the original. 9/10

How they missed the boat: New Jersey didn’t miss the boat at all here, and the jersey is terrific. I’m speechless, I’ve got nothing.

Atlantic Division

Boston Bruins:

@NHLBruins – Bruins Reverse Retro jersey

This Reverse Retro is another one where not enough has changed for me. The shoulder patch is a nice vintage throwback, but the rest just isn’t enough for me. Stripes are alright. 6/10

http://hockeybydesign.com/ – Bruins vintage and 2019 Winter Classic jerseys

How they missed the boat: If they really wanted to go “Retro” they should have gone with the original Bruins logo with the Bruin on it, or the regular Un-spoked B. I would have liked to see the Un-spoked B which we haven’t seen in forever other than the Winter Classic for one day. Use that logo and change it up with a predominatly yellow colour would have been really unique.

Tampa Bay Lightning:

@ShopTBSports – Lightning Reverse Retro jersey

The Lightning went back to their original jersey and logo from 1992, which seems like a hit with most fans. I was never a fan of this logo, but the colours really stand out. 7/10

From: pinterest.ca – Lightning 1996 alternative jersey

How they missed the boat: I’m fine with going this route even though I’m not crazy about the logo. I would have liked if they took it one step further or used this jersey and changed up the colours. I love the lightning rain, the waves on the trim are different but the lightning sleeves and font are too much. Some loved this jersey, but many did not.

Toronto Maple Leafs:

@Mapleleafs – Maple Leafs Reverse Retro jersey

I’m actually a big fan of this jersey. I own the 2011 jersey which is similar in someways predominatly the logo, which many fans detest cause of the two lower case letters. I actually like the logo which is a throwback to the 1967 logo, but the overall style resembles the Leafs of the 80’s. 8/10

collectosports.com – Maple Leafs vintage 1938 jersey

How they missed the boat: So many dislike this Reverse Retro variation, but what are the options here? Is it going back to this 1938 logo which has been done many and many times even during the recent years and the Sundin era? If they did, they’ve done many versions of this with different striping and trim. The only way to make it drastic is to use beige or a grey/black in there, which I would not have done.

Florida Panthers:

@FlaPanthersPR – Panthers Reverse Retro jersey

I’ve never been a big fan of any of the Panthers jerseys. From it looks like they’ve just gone back to the original 3rds they had in the early years and didn’t do too much with it. Other then take out the stick from that logo, which I liked. 6/10

miamiherald.typepad.com – Panthers original jersey

How they missed the boat: They should have taken the original logo “Panther with Stick” and put in on the current jersey big stripe in the middle of the chest, and changed up the colours to bring back the blue as the primary to the new design.

Montreal Canadiens:

@CanadiensMTL – Canadiens Reverse Retro jersey

This one is actually growing on me. At first glance, I really did not like this much use of blue for a Canadiens jersey. I just thought it was blasphamos. But I’m starting to enjoy it more and more. 7/10.

http://hockeybydesign.com/ – Canadiens Cenntennial jersey

How they missed the boat: What Montreal could have done here is gone to a Centennial Classic jersey, the all blue with the large C. They could change it up with the traditional red as the main colour.

Buffalo Sabres:

@BuffaloSabres – Sabres Reverse Retro jersey

I like most of this Retro jersey, which is a throwback to the Sabres 2000 year alternate jersey. I liked the Goat head much more than the double Sabre with just a round circle behind it logo. 7/10

How they missed the boat: I would have gone with the same year but used the Goat Head logo, and done the same thing with those colours, but that’s just me. Still a good jersey.

Ottawa Senators:

@Senators – Senators Reverse Retro jersey

The Senators announced earlier that they would be going back to their 2d logo for their regular jersey for the upcoming season. Well now they have a 3rd to go with it. I wouldn’t have mind this at all except for they’ve already brought this logo back. I still dislike the use of too much red here. I guess they’ll be seeing red behind their own net as often as they have in recent years.

sportsk.com – Senators 2011 jersey which was a throwback to 1917

How they missed the boat: This would have been a good time to go back to the original big “O” from the 1917 Senators. Since they’ve gone back to the 2D logo, it would have made more sense. The Big “O” but on top of the current jersey design (less thick stripes) would have been a look.

Detroit Red Wings:

@DetroitRedWings – Red Wings Reverse Retro jersey

This is one of those Retros that looks like they’ve forgot to finish the job, but I guess much like the Red Wings this jersey is also in a long rebuild mode. 3/10

sportsk.com – Red Wings 2009 Winter Classic

How they missed the boat: One of my favourites was the 2009 Winter Classic Red Wings jersey which was originally their 1926 jersey. This would have been perfect to bring it back and reverse the colours to a primary red colour.

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