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S6 E16 – Ekblad Leg Injury, Sharks and Sabers streak keeps sinking

In this episode, we discuss the Buffalo Sabres tying the longest winless streak in NHL history and Florida Panthers Aaron Ekblad’s injury. In Team ISO we analyze how the San Jose Sharks are playing poorly and who could be moved at the trade deadline.


Chad DeDominicis – Covers the Sabres, co-host of the Expected Buffalo Podcast@CMDeDominicis
David Dwork – Covers the Panthers for @WPLGLocal10 and on @ChirpingTheCats podcast.@DavidDwork
Brian DeLumpa – Follows the Sharks and apart of the @SOIThePodcast@BrianDImagery

Trending Now: Ekblad leg injury (1:35)

David Dwork and I discuss:

  • The Aaron Ekblad leg injury and when he could be back

Trending Now: Sabres Record Winless Streak (12:22)

Chad DeDominicis joins to talk about:

  • Sabres Nations emotions after a 3-0 lead was flipped into a last minute loss to extend the winless streak
  • What the major factors are in the 18 game streak
  • How they compare to the Pittsburgh Penguins 18 game winless streak – Wikipedia
  • NHL players finally being more colourful
  • Personalized athletes equipment, William Nylander’s Willie O’Ree skates…
  • Auston Matthews’ personalization equipment with the skyline of Toronto in his new skates and CCM Jetspeed stick.
Auston Matthews new CCM Jetspeed stick

Team ISO: San Jose Sharks (31:04)

Brian DeLumpa comes on the show to talk about:

  • If he has beef with his LA Kings @SOIThePodcast family
  • Are Brent Burns and Erik Karlsson declining
Erik Karlsson’s response to a question after a strong offensive game
  • The future of the Sharks blueline
  • What is wrong with Sharks goaltending duo
  • Who could be traded come trade deadline
  • How Evander Kane stays focussed on a career season
  • Is the Ryan Reeves vs Kane rivalry still on going
  • Will Kane actually fight Logan Paul


Brian DeLumpa – Instagram – @brianjdelumpa

SB Nation’s Sabres coverage – https://www.diebytheblade.com/


Arhm Ahmad – @arhmahmad – Tennis Fanatic | Sports Journalist

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