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S05 E07 – NHL Draft Lottery Habs?

In this episode Peter @Russian invites Ian Boivert to do a full show. We talk :

  • NHL Draft Lottery –
  • Who could have won with different scenarios
  • Who dropped in the draft lottery
  • How Habs could look with Alexis Lafreniere
  • Is the Draft Lottery Corrupt, was this planned by the NHL
  • Is any Play-in team tanking?
  • Should the Jets be getting the 1st overall pick?
  • Who now has a shot to get that 1st overall pick? Who is Team E
  • Covid-19 – How players and league is looking during this time
  • How safe is the league
  • Do we think they should be playing?
  • Expect many players to not play, this is time is bigger than the game
  • What Ian’s been doing during this isolation period


Ian Boivert – Deputy Editor @RabidHabs and Podcast @NosebleedsCast

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