NHL’s Top 5 Craziest Jerseys

NHL’s Top 5 Craziest Jerseys

On behalf of the New Dallas Stars “Neon” Jersey and with the help of my colleagues and frequent guests of our Jablam Sports Hockey Podcast; we’ll be presenting each of our thoughts on the new Stars jersey, Top 5 craziest jerseys below, and collectively the Final Top 5, enjoy folks.

5. LA Kings “Burger King – 1995

From the peculiar font type, to the circular striping across the jersey to the only logo smaller and to be off-centre covering the heart. The “Burger King” logo was extremly original. A quote from the graphic designer said “Trying to design jerseys to show off a new printing technique that hadn’t been perfected while working around its limitations is difficult to say the least.” And now, even Ken’s [Loh, graphic designer] original logo had to be changed. Tom [Thornton, a designer at the Mednick Group] was told that “the Kings were a little sensitive about being a relatively old team” so the grey beard was given a youthful dye job… to purple.”

4. St. Louis “Horn” Blues – 1995

The jersey which was never worn after being laughed at during conception. “The St. Louis Blues, hosting the Lightning, donned their usual home whites instead of that trumpeting monstrosity seen above. The league claims that the Blues third jersey was never officially set, but NHL lore steadfastly insists that only coach Mike Keenan’s refusal to take the ice kept them from seeing the light of day.” A first and last jersey to be fully designed in its art. The Blues “Horn” jersey was way too loud for anyone, if you look closely it was playing an awful tune which came to a crashing crescendo.

3. Dallas Stars “Mooterus” – 2003

Some were not fans of the original new Dallas Stars jerseys, they then had made the odd “Mooterus” logo. While slightly resembling a uterus diagram, it was in fact representing the Taurus constellation which is how the nickname was formed. It didn’t stop there as they made peculiar rounded striping and added red to the jersey.

2. Anaheim Mighty Ducks WildWing -1995

Many of the Anaheim Ducks jerseys in history were considered weird, from their original Duck used in the “Mighty Ducks” movies, to the more modern “Anaheim Ducks” fully fonted logo jerseys, to the wildest one, the “wild wing”. Looking like their mascot, with wearing the original jersey, jumping out of the ice, even the font type for the lettering was crazy. Congrats to the organization for always standing out.

Watch out you quacks, they might actually be bringing these back in orange.

1. Montreal Canadiens – 1912

Our Winner, the Montreal Canadiens brought it back for their centennial series. Nicknamed the “barber-pole” uniforms they originally wore during the 1912-13 regular season. This jersey with a white maple leaf stroked in red with blue letters of “CAC” which stood for Canadian Athletic Club, was at the top of many “ugliest”, “worst”, and “wildest” jersey lists.

Our Judges:

Ian @MaybeItsIan – Deputy editor @rabidhabs

  • 5. Dallas Stars Mooterus
  • 4. Habs Barberpole
  • 3. Nashville Mustard cat
  • 2. Boston Pooh Bear
  • 1. Anaheim Wild Wing

How Crazy is the Stars “Neon” jersey –
“It’s kinda cool, but I don’t really like it. Maybe it’ll look cooler on the ice. It’s probably a 4. There are some really wild jerseys out there.”

Rob Taub – @RTaub_@IslesBlog writer

  • 5. Mighty Ducks Wild Wing
  • 4. Montreal Canadiens striped CAC
  • 3. Tampa Bay Lightning wave
  • 2. Vancouver Canucks two-tone alternate
  • 1. Don Cherry suit

How Crazy is the Stars “Neon” jersey – “I’m a big fan of them. They’re different, they pop and they are innovative. They’re exactly what you want in a third jersey. On the crazy scale, I’d say a 6.”

Mark Allred – @BlackAndGold277 – Host @BlackNGoldPod

  • 5. Canadiens Vintage CAC Jersey
  • 4. Pittsburgh Classic Blue Jersey
  • 3. Vancouver Vees
  • 2. Original Kings Crown Jersey
  • 1. Ducks Original

How Crazy is the Stars “Neon” jersey – “10 on absolutely nuts, Hate it! Reminds me of the 80’s and black light bright colors. Bad memories. lol”

Christian Arnold – @C_Arnold01 – Co-host of @hockeynightny

  • 5. Isles Black Jerseys
  • 4. Burger King LA King’s jerseys
  • 3. Canadiens striped CAC jersey
  • 2. Isles Halloween orange jerseys
  • 1. Horn St. Louis Blues jerseys

How Crazy is the Stars “Neon” jersey – “They’re certainly up there. Not the worst I’ve ever seen. I don’t hate them but I would not buy one and would cringe a little if I saw a game the stars wore them. 6.”

Peter Bojarinov – @Russian98 – Host of @JablamSports podcast

  • 5. Calgary “Flaming Horse” Jersey
  • 4. Anaheim Wild Wing jersey
  • 3. Horn St. Louis Blues jerseys
  • 2. Coyotes Alternate “Cactus Desert” jersey
  • 1. Dallas “Mooterus” jersey

How Crazy is the Stars “Neon” jersey – “What are they doing over there? Does the Power keep going off at the American Airlines Centre? Why does it look like it’s ready for glow in the dark golf? or are they just getting ready to film Tron: On Ice”

There are many rumours as to many classic jerseys coming back next season. Maybe it’s a way for the league to get some of their profit loss back, or to bring the fans back and enjoy the game. I hope you enjoyed our Top 5 “Craziest” NHL jersey’s list. Either way, it’s going to be fun. I can’t wait for the next season to begin, whenever that will be.

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