Review: NHL21’s new revamped “Be A Pro” mode in EA Sports new game release.

Review: NHL21’s new revamped “Be A Pro” mode in EA Sports new game release.

On Friday October 16th, the new NHL21 was released by EA Sports, comprising of many new features and cool game modes including “Be A Pro”.

In the new revamped “Be A Pro”, it has a choose your own adventure story feel to it. You can start off in Junior Hockey, Europe, or straight to the NHL.

After you’ve set up your character, which you can make him/her as ridiculous as you like, or just like yourself. You start your career and build your legacy.

Likeabilty meters (from NHL21)

In the game, you want to play well for your career but you also want to be likable. This is a cool and new feature added to the game as you want decide if you want to focus on building your brand, making your team’s management pround, or being the ultimate teammate.

More on like-abilty Meters in NHL21.

In the mode, there are moments where you respond to your General Manager, Agent or Coach depending on what is going on and you can choose to reply in different matters (some are persuasive, team-oriented, or star attitude)

GM is asking my character what my goals are for the year in NHL21

During games, you’ll be matched up with different line mates based upon how you are playing and how your attitude comes off.

Line Score in NHL21

Depending on how you play during different times on the ice, you’ll have an adjusted “line score” after each game. Which than your coach will impliment your ice time which focuses on your skill set and where you fit the best.

In Game Coach Feedback in NHL21

During games and in-between shifts, you’ll have coach feedback. Here you’ll get tips on how your game play is so far, what you’ve done in your previous shift and if you have any current goals you want to achieve on your next few shifts.

Live in game Coaching in NHL21

You’ll get in-game tasks from your coach, and depending on how you want your legacy to be made you can choose to let your coach know what you would like to do. In this instance my player just scored a goal and the team has the lead. My coach wants to know if I want to be a team player and play more defensive team-oriented or try to be a hero and score another goal the rest of the period.

After you’ve completed or not completed your goal, you’ll have your “Challenge Results”. The coach will give you feedback on what you’ve just done, as well you’ll see your score in your “likeability meters” rise or lower as a result.

Challenge Results in game in NHL21

After games, you’ll get a progession page, showing your performance, player growth and changes to your likeability.

Post Game Progression. in NHL21

There are levels to your legacy, and you’ll hit milestones, win awards and records for accomplishments. If you keep playing the game the way you want for your career, you’ll achieve greatness and have a lasting legacy.

Legacy levels in NHL21.

I had fun starting up the new EA Sports NHL21 game, I enjoy the many of the new features and I can’t wait to keep playing.

EA Sports “Be A Pro” Launch Trailer from Youtube

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