Last Night I Lost Even More Feeling In My Feet

Last Night I Lost Even More Feeling In My Feet

Last night I lost even more feeling in my feet.

I need help from anyone who can help in getting me a visa to move to a country with a much warmer climate for the rest of my life. Please help me if you can, in any way.

A quick history.

I was misdiagnosed with planter faciitis four years ago. I focused on losing weight to help with that. I needed more help after one year, so I did some research, and got help with a naturopath to help me cleanse and lose more weight. Six months in I did but the pain was still there. Finally the naturopath said why don’t you see an actual chiropodist. No doctor, or diabetes clinic ever told me to do that.

I saw one once on my own terms but they were a false doctor (which I could only see because others needed a reference). So I pushed and pushed, finally I got a reference to see a chiropodist. He told me I have “Neuropathy” the loss of feeling in limbs, nerve damage, due to my uncontrolled diabetes. It’s been in control since.

So I lived with roughly 10% feeling loss in my feet. He told me my diabetes was in control so I shouldn’t lose any more feeling at all. Until last January. I was always focused in eating extremely healthy the last four years, and having to exercise four hours – five days a week to lose my weight. Because of my low working thyroid, and slow metabolism I was always a heavy guy.

Now due to covid gyms were closed. I started to run more outside and bike when I could. I went back to school the last two years full-time while still working. I ran outside in the winter, which was never a big problem, though I never ran outside with under five degree weather, I always ran and did cardio at the gym.

Due to covid I kept running in the winter. Until one day I was still at least 45 minutes from home when I noticed I was getting awfully cold. I ran home as fast as I could. It was too late.

I had some frostbite.

Within a day or two I lost feeling in my feet and hands, and after 2 weeks I lost more feeling due to the same run. I contacted all my doctors and told them my situation. I told them it was because of my run in the cold weather. They all said I was incorrect. They said it was due to something else.

Since January I’ve been dealing with the loss of feeling, and trying different diets to control my sugar, and trying different things to deal with the pain and numbness. I didn’t lose any more feeling at all. Until a month and a half ago.

I started covering Sports (my dream my entire life). I went to school the last 2 years for Social Media and Sports Journalism, both Post Grads programs. I will say this, the Sports Journalism program at Centennial College is phenomenal and I highly recommend it. Thank you Malcolm Kelly for the last year of my life.

It’s been extremely difficult for me, but I tried my darnedest to be the hardest working student ever. Eating, sleeping and breathing Sports Journalism when I wasn’t dealing with my health problem.

So my mental focus has been awful most of the year due to all this, and not understanding and getting the best help with my nerve damage and why it happened. I’m sorry to the stress I’ve put on my family, friends, and even some teachers and classmates. I haven’t been “old” Peter in some time now, my classmates never got to see him.

Back to my health.

About a month ago, I lost more feeling and it was because I was covering the Centennial Colts inaugural Baseball team. Doing exactly what I was meant to do on this earth. I wanted to enjoy it, but I couldn’t. The weather dropped from 13 degrees to 9 for the 6 hours we were outside.

I didn’t recognize or know, but everyone was cold. I was freezing. Within the next 24 hours, I lost more feeling in my feet and hands, and more within the next week.

I knew exactly that I was right since January right then, though the doctors told me otherwise. I should have listened to my gut, and worked since January to move to a warmer climate.

I started seeing a nutritionist over zoom since. I’ve started a plan and diet, I believe some of you have seen images. A few of my classmates have seen some of my meals. 

The quick plan, consists of five main steps.

Rest, supplements, food, juices, and coffee enemas. 

Yes you read that correctly supplements, haha. I do all this every day with the help of my hard working, and loving parents.

My mother Mira helps with my meals.

3 meals a day.

Morning I have oatmeal, with grapefruit, chamomile or peppermint tea. For lunch I have, Hippocrates soup, an orange, salad, and a slow cooked lunch, all-organic, all-plant based food. For dinner the exact same thing.

I have 3, or 6 juices a day.

With help from my dad, who his memory isn’t the greatest anymore. I almost lost during covid late last summer. I didn’t get to see him for a month while he was in hospital. It was hard on my family, especially me because he’s always been my hero.

After a successful quintuple bypass he is still here today. Thank you to the doctors who treated him and did an amazing job on his vital surgery.

Back to the shakes the man I always looked up to that helps me with. One or two green shakes, lettuce, beet stems, red chard, green pepper, green apple, escarole, watercress, and red cabbage. Two or four carrot and green apple juices.

Rest, eight hours of rest to heal mentally and physically. If I don’t get this and have less than seven hours the pain is much rougher that day.

Supplements, this is a long list. Suffocate to say I still don’t know half of them but I do over 35 pills a day, and I’ve learned to swallow. Now three at a time.

Lastly coffee enemas.


I’ve been doing them for how long now?

I believe I’m on day 49 now. I do one or two a day. I thought it was a strange ask. But now I deeply enjoy them. This is the part of day for 45 minutes I meditate. I have this tube in my you-know-what. But I breath, and meditate the entire time, as I lie on my right side as the organic coffee water cleanses my liver. (Stop picturing this, I actually like it now)

I bought extreme winter clothes, that I wear constantly now. While everyone else can get away with regular winter clothes, I cannot.

A few weeks ago I lost a bit more feeling.

Until last night, I did not know the temperature would drop to 3 degrees at midnight. I was enjoying being with a few classmates after completing our last day of class in our program, a weekly show we’ve been producing full of sports content in our final third semester. I was even more proud of my classmates from what we’ve accomplished all year, and to top it off an all-woman’s Sports show.

I’m more proud of each and everyone of you more than you’ll ever know. I wish my now colleagues the best in their careers, and I’ll always be cheering you on. I hope you all do well on your internships, and careers.

I now have to take a step back.

I have to focus solely on my health and finding a way to move to a warmer climate. Away from my family, friends and the sport I’ve loved since the day I was born, hockey. I love you all.

Please everyone, I’ve always asked for help with my career, trying to get a better job, an internship, and getting help and the word out about my podcast Jablam Sports Hockey.

Right now, I need everyones help. I need to a visa, and to move to a warmer climate for the rest of my life. If you can help me in any way. Please do so.

Thank you.

I love you all, Peter.

UPDATE: (Nov 23rd 2021)

Just a quick update, 3 weeks later after I uploaded this blog I wrote that night.

I can’t sleep most nights. Today I only got 2 hours of sleep because I couldn’t fall asleep from my limbs being so cold. I finally fell asleep and I missed my naturopath appointment.

I’m completely frustrated with my situation.

My health is getting even worse.

I am now starting to get rashes and legions all over my body.

In particular on my feet and hands, the furthest again away from my heart.

I believe my skin is getting irritated sensations now from the extreme cold outside.

Even being at work (they have cold room temperatures) and at home was 23, but we’ve bumped it up to 27 for me now. Is slightly cold for me.

It’s only getting worse and my body is falling apart, doctors are only passing me off, and not giving me any answers. Some are even getting angry with me for bothering them with the questions, appointments and phone calls.

I am in search of a lifeline here if anyone can help. Please and thank you.

I have not left my house this month outside of the few shifts I get from work, which have been difficult.

Stay healthy everyone.

Update (Jan 5th 2022)

I now continue to lose feeling almost twice or thrice a day the last week or so.

I’m grasping at straws as my body rapidly deteriorates.

I am still upbeat about life, sports, and the dreams we all have as well as mine.

I’ve begun to ease myself into a more calm situation, if that’s possible.

Here’s a quick post I dropped two days ago on my twitter, which I’m fairly active on

If anyone has any way to help myself or anyone with peripheral neuropathy, don’t hesitate to do so.

I’m not sure what is going on with me as anything I do seems to harm it, though my stress levels are at the best they can be the last three days.

If you can help me, I ask that you reach out to any doctor or specifically the best Neuromuscular Neurologist that there is. Thank you.

During my spare time dealing with my situation, I want to bring light to peripheral neuropathy, and human stories in sports.

I will still spend time working on my podcast. (please subscribe, download each episode, share it with three sports fans, and people who can help raise it’s platform, thank you) As well keep reading, learning, and trying to be a better sports journalist. While I watch sports, and enjoy the time I have with my parents.

Stay healthy, and god bless you all.

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