Rory Sumner

Selke Trophy voting: a valuable exercise in futility

The evaluation of defensive play throughout NHL history has always been a work in progress, especially when you get outside of the bubble of NHL coaching and management and delve into the media and general public’s opinion on it. While we can go back as far as the start of the NHL in 1917/18 to see offensive statistics like goals, assists and points, in terms of defensive play we’re left to nothing but the word of people at the time who saw them play, and, if we’re lucky, some grainy footage.

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Using Canada’s prior roster building to help project the 2022 Olympic team

It has been eight years since Canada participated in a true best-on-best tournament, and the landscape of the hockey world has changed dramatically since then.

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Patrice Bergeron: More than just a brain on skates

“There’s a difference between working hard and working smart,” said Patrice Bergeron’s Providence Bruins linemate Andrew Hilbert. “And he works smart.”

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