2020 Rules

2020 Rules


Draft Teams Include :

  • 7 players (Any Position)
  • 1 Defenceman
  • 1 Enforcer
  • 1 Goaltender
  • Total of 10 Picks

Enrollment :

  • $25.00
  • Entry fee date: Tuesday July 31st

Winners Approximately get this year (2019):

  • 1st Place – 120 and trophy
  • 2nd Place – 100
  • 3rd Place – 80
  • 4th Place – 60
  • 5th Place / Wild Card – 50

How Winners are placed :

You must win your Division to place in the top 5. Depending on how high your total points are will tell you how high you place from 1st to 5th place. The 6th place or Wild Card position is for the highest total points in the pool (not including divisional winners)

Incase of a tie, the winnings will be spread out from that position place and downwards.

Players (any positional player)

  • 1 goal = 1 point
  • 1 assist = 1 point
  • 1 Game Winning Goal (GWG) = 2 points (this includes the point for a goal)
  • 1 Game Winning Overtime Goal (GWOTG) = 3 points (this includes the 2 points for a game Winning goal)

Defencemens (only defencemen)

  • 1 goal = 1 point
  • 1 assist = 1 point
  • Plus/Minus, down = -1 point
  • Plus/Minus, Up = 1 point

Enforcers (any positional player)

  • 1 Minor = 1 point
  • 1 Major/Misconduct = 3 points

Goalies (only goaltenders)

  • 1 win = 2 points
  • 1 shutout = 4 points (this includes 2 points for a win)
  • 1 loss = -1 point

This year we will all be drafting on Zoom and possibly Gmail Chat/Google Hangouts. Please make sure you have Gmail, if not signup or sign into someone else’s. Also please make sure I have your e-mail, Gmail and cellphone number. Thank you.

I recommend installing Zoom and Google Hangouts on your cellphone, you can draft over your phone if you can’t by computer or the internet fails for you.

When drafting please take no longer than 1 minute to select your current pick, you do have a maximum of 2 minutes to use your pick. If you do not select your current pick within the allotted 1.5minutes (you will be warned twice) do not fret. You will have time in the end to fill that spot.

Remember you can pick your defenceman, goalie, and enforcer at any time, and it will be instead of selecting your player. (Your Enforcer/defenceman can be one of your players as well) Just so you know, if someone were to take a player, he is still available to anyone as another position until taken as that.

If your player does not play the first game in the playoffs, you then have 24 hours from the end of that 1st game to e-mail me back for the player you would like to change him for. He must be on the same team from the player you are replacing. (and only if you want too)

If you are one of the winners, you must be in the all-star division the following year.

Draft Selecting during online draft:

You will be placed in a group of five, with a live draft taken with just your group.

This is how it will look like. For example:

Peter says: The order is 1-5 – John,Frank,Wayne,Tim,Cody

Peter says: John you pick first:

John says: TOR – SUNDIN – P

Peter says: John selects from toronto, sundin as a player.

Peter says: Frank your next….


While drafting over Zoom and Gmail chat/Google Hangouts, I will have two chat windows open. One for all the picks taken so far and one for our actual live draft. Please refrain from chatting too much, you may do so after on the Facebook group or by other means, thank you.

If you are disconnected from Gmail or the internet, message me and let me know. We will delay for 2 more minutes. If possible you can text me your picks if you are not able to re-connect. Otherwise, your picks will then be taken with what is remaining at the end.

Now that we have access to Zoom/Google Hangouts, if you are not able to log into Gmail chat on your computer or are not able to get only a computer. You can now use Zoom/Google Hangouts App from your mobile smartphone. Take a minute to download it for free, then you can log into Zoom/Hangouts and jump into the chat to make your picks from there. You can delete the app right after your live draft if you like.

Remember if you cannot make your draft time you must let me know, and send me a list before hand. If not, you forfeit your team and still must pay for your spot in the pool.


The fee is 25 per person.

I will also need all the enrollment fees by May 5th.

There is a extra 10 dollar late entry fee, if you do not pay by this day, thank you.

Remember you MUST have your entry fee on time to be awarded a prize.

I have lost plenty of entry fees in the past, so you still owe if you do not show up for your draft.

That is why I need to know if you are in ahead of time, as well that you show up on time to your drafts. Sorry about this, if I do end up ahead it will be used towards the trophy. Thank you.


All winners have their names engraved on it. (check out pictures on the facebook group)

As well winners now get a small resin trophy to take home.

That is why there has been a 5 dollar fee added.